Are you finding that your family home isn’t quite meeting your needs anymore? Perhaps you’re starting to contemplate moving, renovating, or upsizing? It may be time to think about using custom home builders to turn your home into one that you’ll love for many more years to come.

At Dymond Homes and Renovations, we proudly build new homes, as well as renovate and extend existing family homes. As a Melbourne custom home builder, we have helped many people throughout the south-eastern suburbs create a home that suits their own individual needs, style and personality. Here are just some of the benefits you’ll see when choosing us as your next custom home builder.

We don’t build houses by numbers

Your family is unique, and we believe your home should be too. We don’t believe in ‘cookie-cutter’ designs or taking a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. We treat each home renovation and extension project as its own and are excited to create a personalised space for you and your family that doesn’t just look like every other house on the street.

house extension melbourne, custom home builder

Melbourne Custom Home Builder – House Extension and Renovation

Give yourself the freedom to tweak your home designs before your building begins. Prior to starting construction of your family home, we work closely with you to create a design you’ll love.

We take your own personal needs into account, for things like:

  • You and your family’s needs;
  • What you want to do with each space in your home;
  • The quality and types of finishes you prefer;
  • The materials, styles and colours that reflect your personality, and;
  • Maximising the use of each space, whilst giving you the privacy you need.

We allow you to effortlessly make changes to your design, and leverage over 30 years of experience to provide you with all the guidance and expert advice you need along the way to help you make the right decisions.

custom home builder melbourne, house extension

Custom Home Builder Melbourne – House Renovation and Extension

Saving you time and money

By choosing Dymond Homes and Renovations as your custom home builder, you not only get yourself a stress-free building experience, but you can also save yourself time and money.

Throughout your build, we provide you with recommendations for cost-effective yet high-quality building materials. By choosing quality materials from the start, you not only get a great-looking finish, but it will last longer, saving you even more money.

Also, by hiring a custom home builder, you will have the same person manage your build from beginning to end. This helps the project stay on track, so that the construction of your home can finish on time and on budget.

Deal directly with the owner, not a salesperson

When you work with Dymond Homes and Renovations, the great thing is that you’re dealing with the principal owner. Not a salesperson, not an agent, not an outsourced manager.

Many larger Melbourne builders have a lot of people involved in the project and treat their clients as a number. At Dymond Homes and Renovations – you’re not just another job to us. You’ll get to know us, and we’ll get to know you. This allows us to really deliver a bespoke project and give you the finish you’ll love.

You can be sure that when working with us, you will have a personalised service for the construction, renovation, or extension of your family home.

custom home builder melbourne, house extension

Melbourne Custom Home Builder – House Extension and Renovation

custom home builder melbourne, house renovation

Melbourne Custom Home Builder – House Renovation and Extension

Custom Home Builders provide quality finishes to create a family home you can call your own

When working with a Melbourne custom home builder, you want to be working with someone that knows the style, quality and aesthetics that are important to families when building, renovating, or extending your family home.

At Dymond Homes, we like to go the extra mile to make sure the final finishes on your build are to perfection. From materials to fixtures, to building finishes – every tile will be aligned, every angle will be measured, every surface will be assessed – ensuring your finished build is one that screams quality.

We provide spaces that are functional yet stylish. Coupled with quality materials, your new home is one that will look great and stand the test of time.


If you have any questions or would like to contact us to discuss how we can help your next customised build, renovation or extension for your home in Melbourne, we would love to hear from you.