Working on your Melbourne home renovation can be an exciting venture! While some people look at moving to find a new home to fit their changing needs, many choose instead to put in some work into their existing house. A lot of the time people are content with their house and location but need a few upgrades to make it perfect. As you picture your dream house, you’ll likely be thinking about all the home renovations and interior changes you want to complete if you are not designing and building your home from scratch.


Renovate, Extend or Rebuild Your House In Melbourne?

If you are staying in the same location and want to make changes, there are some key questions you need to ask yourself:

  • Are there a lot of big changes you would like to make?
  • Should a wall be removed to make the living room open concept?
  • Is a small bathroom renovation you need since you are on a budget?
  • Perhaps you want to just demolish the entire home and start over!

Whatever your decision, Dymond Homes and Renovations are here to help with all the difficult decisions. As experts in home renovation, extensions and builds, we have key insight into the extension, rebuilding, and remodeling processes within Melbourne suburbs. With our expertise, we can help you decide if a home renovation, home extension, or a total knockdown and rebuild is right for you and your family. Let’s take a deep dive into the pros and cons of all three home improvement options based on these three common considerations:


Consider whether to Renovate, Extend or Rebuild in Melbourne


Melbourne Home Renovation, Extension or Rebuild Consideration #1:

Since Dymond Homes is a small-scale boutique-style builder without a set of display homes, all our attention goes to your specific home and what works best for you. We go over all the details of your home and discuss what you are trying to change and achieve. This can include the size of your house and yard, the size of the block and neighborhood you are in, and if you have a flexible budget or not. After discussing your individual needs, we create the best-customised solution for you and your home.

When it comes to making adjustments, home renovations tend to be the easiest to complete and cause the least amount of damage. This usually means the lowest cost, if you are doing smaller renovations such as a minor kitchen renovation or small bathroom renovation.

Melbourne Home ExtensionHome extensions would typically be the second-lowest-cost project, but it can still be quite a big project depending on what you would like to change. Typically, they are supported by renovations and combine rooms in the old house with the new build, keeping a similar look to the existing structure inside.

Finally, if you decide that going for demolition and rebuilding the entire home is best for you, it is generally going to be the costliest. The cost of a knockdown rebuild can be expensive, between the house demolition cost and the materials and labor for the rebuild. You will also have to find an alternative living situation as the project on your existing house is completed. However, on the plus side, you will get to design every little thing and live in your dream home.


Home Renovation, Extension or Rebuild Consideration #2:
Living Situation

Most people choose to remodel the home they already live in because they enjoy where their house is. Perhaps their kids go to a nearby school, have lived there for many years, and desire to stay. It’s important to note when you choose to make upgrades to your home, you might have to find somewhere else to stay while they are being completed.

If you decide on doing home renovations, they can usually be done without disturbing the home too much. This means, most of the time, families can stay in the house while the project is ongoing. However, if you are doing a large kitchen renovation, for example, you may need to find somewhere to stay for a short period of time.

Home extensions are likely to result in you finding a place for you and your family to stay. It is good to keep this in mind as if you have children or pets you need to make sure there are accommodations for them as well. A knockdown and rebuild will require you to move out for a long period of time, which may need more planning and a more semi-permanent living solution.


Home Renovation, Extension or Rebuild Consideration #3:
Necessary Upgrades and Changes

An obvious decision factor is, what are your desired outcomes and changes you would like to see done to your home? Are there any necessary upgrades or run-down features? Or is everything changing with design in mind? We at Dymond Homes are here to help and figure them out. We are here every step of the way including council regulations and more.

Melbourne Home RenovationWhilst a renovation or extension may appear to be the quickest, easiest and cheapest option to turn your current house into your dream home, it’s not always the case. Depending on the overall structure and foundations of the house and how it’s positioned on the block for example, sometimes a knockdown rebuild may actually be the best option for you.

Dymond Homes can help you determine how to make changes to your home depending on your budget and desired outcome in mind. Since we have experience and insight with building new homes, renovations, extensions, and rebuilds, you can trust the future of your home is in great hands and you’ll be able to make the best decision for you.


Dymond Homes is Here to Help With Your Melbourne Home Renovation, Extension or Rebuild

All in all, there can be a lot to consider when it comes to renovating, extending, or rebuilding your current Melbourne home. You need to figure out what kind of budget you would like to work with for your major renovation depending on what you would like to achieve. You also need to decide on what it is you want to achieve, and if those results require you to find alternative living circumstances during the project. With all that going on, you won’t be going through it alone. Contact our team at Dymond Homes to see if we can help with your individual budget, location, and desired outcome to make you happy living in your future dream home.