Extending your home is probably one of the biggest home projects that you’ll ever have to do. Aside from the fact that it’s likely going to cost significant amounts of money, it also takes a lot of deliberate planning to minimize issues as much as possible. To help minimise this risk, you need to employ the best custom home builder in Melbourne for the task.

You’ll typically use custom builders that specialise in either building your home from the ground up or adding spaces to your existing house structure. Whilst Dymond Homes and Renovations are able to help you with both, we wanted to focus on home extensions in this particular article.

Are you ready to upgrade and live in a much bigger home? Great! Here are some factors that you need to consider during the planning process:

1. Consider Your Budget

One of the most significant deciding factors for home extensions would be the total cost of the project. Right from the start, you must know how much you’re willing to spend to ensure that you won’t be paying more than you have to. It’s also important to consider why you want to do the extension in the first place.

2. Know the Extension’s Real Purpose

As home extensions aren’t cheap, adding new spaces to your home isn’t the same as adding a new piece of furniture. Knowing exactly what their purpose is will help you limit your possible options and choose the extension type that will get you your best money’s worth and ensure you’re spending money on the things that matter and saving money where possible. This will also help your builder decide on the best way to work with you on this project.

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Melbourne Home Extension – newly renovated bedroom in Brighton

3. Plan Accordingly

Once you’ve figured out why you’re extending your house, it’s time to consider exactly how things will play out. Here are some guide questions to consider:

  • How long is construction going to take?
  • What are the processes involved in the construction?
  • Are you going to move out while construction is ongoing?
  • If so, do you already have a place to stay? How long will you be staying there?

This isn’t a complete list, but your home builder will be able to tell you what you should do while they work on their designs.

4. Don’t Forget the Paperwork

Home extensions also involve council processes. This can be a great source of delay if you don’t get to them as soon as possible. For this reason, before you start your project, make sure that you and your chosen home builder have gotten over the requirements, which include:

  • Building permits
  • Planning permits
  • Parking permits
  • Construction and waste management permits

If you already have your budget set, you will likely need to add another 15% of the total cost to pay for the fees as mentioned above.

Melbourne home extensions, custom home builders Melbourne

Home Extension Melbourne – second floor home extension Melbourne Eastern Suburbs

5. Choose a Home Builder That Specialises in Home Extensions

Your home extension project is best left to the hands of custom home builders that specialise in Melbourne home additions or extensions. Home extensions are their forte, so you can rest assured that they’re skilled and competent in their job. Choose one that is familiar with the market and has an extensive portfolio of home addition projects that are a similar size and style to what you want across Melbourne’s eastern suburbs.

Reputable Home Builders Can Extend Your Home, the Way You Want It!

To ensure that your extended spaces will blend well with your old structure, choose a home builder that has good reviews on your preferred type of home extension project. When you trust your home with a reputable company, you can relax, knowing that you’re going to get exactly what you envisioned.

If you’re ready to start planning your home extension, then why not consider Dymond Homes as your custom home builder of choice? The great news is that you work with Dymond Homes you are dealing with the principal owner from beginning to end, so you know exactly what you’re getting and who you’re working with.

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