Kitchens really are the heart of any home, so it’s hardly surprising that they’re one of the most popular Melbourne renovations. But because they’re such important rooms, there’s a lot to think about to make sure you get exactly what you want with your kitchen renovation.


What Should You Consider For Your Perfect Kitchen Renovation?

If done properly, your kitchen can turn into a fully functional, well thought through, stylish room that the whole family will love to spend time in. So, what do you need to consider for your kitchen renovation in Melbourne?

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Tip #1 – Plan. Then plan a bit more…

There comes a moment when you just don’t want to live with your current kitchen any longer. Maybe the cabinet doors are starting to look a bit shabby or you have to put one appliance away to be able to use another. Or maybe it’s just a bit outdated. From that moment on, you need to plan. What will the new layout look like? Will you need any permits? And what about materials?

Luckily for you, we have a team of experts who have many years of experience in house renovations in Melbourne and will be able to help you plan every aspect of your project so you can be sure you get your dream kitchen renovation, on time and on budget. Here’s what you need to think about for your new kitchen.


Tip #2 – Be Realistic before going on Pinterest for Kitchen Renovation Inspiration

Sites like Pinterest are a great starting point for inspiration. They can help you think about functionality, layout, design and what you really want your kitchen to become. But the people who posted that stunning picture – you know the one, with the solid marble work surfaces, the enormous island and the huge, spotless cabinets – also didn’t need to have a budget for their kitchen renovation. In all likelihood, you do. So make sure your expectations are realistic and you’ve set a budget for the project. It can be really helpful to triage what’s important to you so you can prioritise the best quality in the areas that matter most. Some want top of the line tap fittings, for others it’s appliances and others it will be surfaces. There’s no right or wrong – it’s a personal choice.


Tip #3 – Design Your Ideal Kitchen Renovation

At Dymond Home and Renovations we want to create kitchens that are of the highest quality but which are also unique to your home and family. In every Melbourne house renovation we do, we enjoy making your vision become a reality. A bespoke kitchen design that has taken lighting, colours, functionality and layout into account makes all the difference when transforming your space and one that fits your personal needs.


Tip #4 – Finish off your Kitchen Renovation with the right Appliances

Make sure you take the time to think about which appliances you want in your new kitchen. This could impact the final design for your Melbourne kitchen renovation. Built-in coffee machines, microwaves or wine fridges need to be thought about in the planning stages of the project. In a lot of cases, it can be easier to build cabinetry around these cornerstone appliances, as opposed to the other way around.

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Tip #5 – Figure out a Timeframe

It’s really important that you’re getting honest numbers and a realistic time frame from contractors and designers. After all, you should have set your budget and don’t want any pricey surprises along the way. It can also be really frustrating if deadlines keep getting shifted and the project takes much longer than you expected.

The good news is that if you get a Melbourne kitchen renovation with Dymond Homes, we’ll go through the timings and costs in detail so you can plan for any unexpected finances and timings upfront.


Tip #6 – Don’t cut costs. Or corners…

You might think that keeping old appliances, electrics, or other features of your previous kitchen might help to keep prices down a little. You also might think that things can be done quicker if you miss out a step. Truth be told, it may work out more expensive to build around old appliances or do the missed out step later. Bespoke kitchen renovations do cost more than other rooms in the house, but it’s well worth doing them to a high standard so that they will last you a long time and add value to your home.


Why should you choose us for your Melbourne Kitchen Renovation?

Not only do we want to make your kitchen dreams come to life, but we also want to reduce the stress that a home renovation can bring with it. Our experts can help you plan timings and costs as well as give you advice on practicality, design, colours and finish.

With a custom kitchen builder, you don’t have to coordinate between different traders or make sure different companies keep to the same timeline. We’ll do it all and to the highest standard. You can be sure that every aspect of your new kitchen will be thought through and that you’ll have a new kitchen that’s exactly to your liking. Get in touch with the team at Dymond Homes and Renovations now to see if we can deliver the perfect kitchen renovation for your Melbourne home.