A home renovation can be a major undertaking but with major benefits. Considered as a cost-effective investment, it can be better than buying a new home if done the right way. However, a renovation can be potentially expensive if due diligence is not practised. Staying within your renovation budget without sacrificing quality is key to a cost-effective rebuild.

Here are 3 tips to ensure that you stay within your home renovation budget.

Tip 1: Have a concrete plan

Before starting a house renovation, it really pays to have a plan before you proceed with the build. Ask yourself first what you want to achieve in your build and what your expectations are once the renovation is complete.  Consider everything, from the size of each room, the fittings through to the colours to be used in painting them. When you have a plan in place, the build can be a lot smoother, and you get a clear picture of how much you will realistically spend to make the renovation happen and what your money will buy you.

House Renovation Melbourne, Custom Builders Melbourne

House Renovation Melbourne – Living Room Renovation

Tip 2: Reserve a buffer amount

We always do everything we can to keep projects working to time, and to budget. But when dealing with home renovations, things don’t always go to plan.

One thing we always tell our clients before we start working with them on a home renovation project is that they should reserve a buffer amount in their budget. Even with all our experience and prudent measures we take, it is not uncommon for renovation projects to go beyond the budget. It can be due to sudden fluctuations in prices, modifications in the renovation plan during the build, and other factors that cannot be avoided.

At Dymond Homes and Renovations, we pride ourselves on communication and will keep you informed of every step in your project, so you’re never left with any nasty surprises.

Melbourne Home Renovation, Kitchen Renovation Melbourne

Home Renovation Melbourne – Kitchen Renovation

Tip 3: Work closely with your builder for your Home Renovation

When your house is undergoing a renovation, the best person to stick close with is the builder who is in charge of your home renovation. Communicate with them about your expectations of the build and how much you ideally want to spend to get it done. You can also ask your builder how they can make your plan happen with your available budget. Custom builders are highly knowledgeable of their craft and would actually want you to be involved during the process of creating your home. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and discuss matters regarding the building of your home.

The great news is that when you use Dymond Homes for your Home Renovations in Melbourne, you work with our principal builder from beginning to the end of your project. We take you through every step of the way and do our absolute best to keep your home build on track and on budget, with that quality finish you deserve.

Ensuring that you stay within your budget is one of the keys to creating maximum savings for your house rebuild. Regardless of the size of your budget, it is important that you hire the right custom builder for the job. As well as allowing you to get maximum savings, this will also ensure that you get what you pay for in your renovation project.

If you are looking for custom home builders in the Melbourne area, then we at Dymond Homes and Renovations can provide the services you deserve. As a local boutique home builder and renovator, we can help rebuild, renovate, reconfigure and and customise your home with the best possible quality, regardless of your budget.

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