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Dymond Homes specialises in custom home extensions in Melbourne’s Bayside area – why move when you can extend your existing family home!

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Dymond Home Extensions Bayside

For most, the family home is their biggest asset but as housing prices go up and your family grows, you may be finding yourself needing more space with less of a budget to spend on purchasing a new home.

If this sounds like you,, have you considered adding a house extension or converting your garage space?

Home extensions provide a cost-effective, convenient solution & allow you to stay within the neighbourhood community you have grown to love. Dymond Homes is a custom home builder in Melbourne with an excellent reputation throughout the Bayside area in house construction, renovations and home extension projects.

Here are some tips to consider before adding on or extending your Melbourne based home.


Why Choose Dymond Homes for your Home Extension Services

Home extensions are significantly different from constructing a house from scratch. That’s why looking for a custom home builder with a specialisation in home additions is very important. Dymond Homes is a highly recommended and trusted renovator and builder servicing Melbourne’s eastern suburbs.

Unlike general home builders, our specialised home extension team are more knowledgeable in working with existing structures and foundations. Dymond Homes’ expertise and knowledge ensure that your home extension project is both consistent and stable with the existing floor plan. We provide style and craftsmanship to your Melbourne home extension, to ensure you get that house design you’ll love. 

When you deal with Dymond Homes, you know that you’re dealing with the principal owner, who will see your Bayside Home Extension project through from beginning to end.

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Our Bayside Home Extension Services

Make better use of your unused land spaces to get that additional living space your family needs. Dymond Homes offers the following home addition services throughout the eastern suburbs of Melbourne to help give you more room to move.

Single Story Extensions Bayside

Ground floor extensions typically utilise that extra space on your home’s rear, garage or side. Some of our customers who have space on the front of their houses can also opt to have an extension in that area, which can improve the home’s street appeal and aesthetics, as seen in this first floor extension in Brighton.

This type of home extension is typically preferred by homeowners who require private additional spaces, granny flats or open living areas. If you have an area on your property sufficiently large for that additional space you want, a single story extension is the recommended option because of its cost-effectiveness and ability to accommodate for a growing family, as well as elderly family members


Second Storey Extensions Bayside

Compared to single story extensions, second storey additions and extensions are more complex since it requires considering structural assessment and potentially removing the roof. These additional activities can make  double storey extensions more expensive. And even if you have the money to splurge, the existing structure of the house might not be built for a second-floor addition.

This is where Dymond Homes can help you as an experienced and compliant custom home builder. We assess with our engineers to ensure a second storey extension is structurally viable. And we work with you to make sure this type of extension is appropriate for your budget and needs.

The benefits of second story extensions mean more living spaces and work areas, more natural lighting, better views and even the ability to add a deck or balcony to your home – increasing the property’s resale value.


Exterior Extensions Bayside

Home extensions are not limited to the existing structure. If the zoning and size of your property allow it, you might want to consider an outdoor extension or two. An exterior extension can give you that additional outdoor space you’ve always wanted. It also maximizes your property’s area both indoors and outdoors.

Dymond Homes offers several exterior extensions options for homeowners located in the Bayside area. You can have a new carport, veranda, or pergola. You can also extend your balcony and even your landscaping, improving the aesthetics and visual appeal of the home

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Constructing Home Extensions across the Bayside Area

If you’re looking to extend your family home either internally or externally, then join the many residents across the Bayside area of Melbourne. We provide custom home extensions for areas of Bayside, including:

  • Bentleigh

  • Highett

  • Hampton

  • Sandringham

  • St Kilda

  • Elwood

  • Elsternwick

  • Brighton

  • Black Rock

  • Cheltenham

  • Beaumaris

If you would like to see how we can help with your custom home extension Bayside, get in touch with our friendly team, or call today on 1300 764 734.

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